What Does Location Have to do With Your Business?

I caught up with a fellow consultant today, Chris Bunce of Cashtree, to discuss mutual interests in guiding businesses to growth and achievement of business goals. Chris has many years of international consultancy experience in financial and business prosperity.

One of the things we talked about was how hard it is for many business owners and managers to take time out from working in the business to working on the business. It may be a bit of a cliché statement, but nevertheless it is true. We all know that working on the business rather than in the business is essential, but often we just don’t get around to it.

We also talked about why people are in business and that this varies. Some are in business for the 3 B’s: Boat, BMW and Bach, while others may be leaving a legacy for their children, some do it out of passion for their industry segment and some want to make truckloads of money. All are valid, but all require a different perspective.

I mentioned a couple of mantras that Chris agreed with. First is that BAU or ‘Business As Usual’ is a flawed business model and I have previously blogged about Borders Book Stores and Sounds Music to illustrate that what works brilliantly for a while, doesn’t mean that you should continue to do things the same way and expect ongoing growth.

The other mantra I love is Disrupt Or Be Disrupted. Companies need to continually evolve if not reinvent themselves. How do you do that when you are so busy trying to make ends meet and get the day to day things done? How do you even manage to get the day to day things done?

Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business, to talk about what you want for it, to understand what you want from it. It may take as little as an hour to come up with a first idea from a specialist.

Location is our speciality. What does it mean to your business? If it has a bricks and mortar location, only everything. You are competing with so many distractions, with other businesses, with the web, with the economy, with rising costs, it is a never ending spiral. We want to help you reignite your passion and give you some ideas that you can use to keep your business growing and keep your passion flowing.

It might be about understanding where your customers come from, work, live and play. It might be how to sell distressed inventory, increase loyalty, compete with the big guys or people selling product on the Internet. It might be how to get people saying nice things about you on social media, or at least knowing what what people are saying about you and knowing how to join in the discussion.

Want to have a discussion? Why not email me at luigi@solomoconsulting.co.nz and we can arrange a chat.

About Luigi Cappel

Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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2 Responses to What Does Location Have to do With Your Business?

  1. Luigi Cappel says:

    I just came across an article which I thought I would add as a footnote to this blog. The headline was The Race to the Bottom: How Excessive Discounting Hurts Retailers

    Read more: http://www.powerretail.com.au/news/discounting-kills-retailers/#ixzz27Mf9qLWH

    Of course New Zealand retailers are hurting too and of course many of them are governed out of Australia. Thee re lots of things that CE retailers can do, but BAU is not really one of them if they want to last the distance.


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