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Find Free Wi-Fi Passwords for Local Spots on Foursquare – Lifehacker Lifehacker Our own Alan Henry, an occasional Foursquare user, notes that this is actually very popular—if you visit a coffee shop or other location with Wi-Fi, there’s a good…

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

I like this idea, I’ve been to several cafes where they have free WiFi AND where I buy coffee and food, but finding the WiFi password seems to be a mission. They’ll have a sign saying they have free WiFi which they offer to bring customers in, but then they don’t make it as easy as they could.

This could in fact be a way of making good use of Foursquare and crowdsourcing as well as getting people to stay longer. It’s also a fact that busy cafes attract more people. Popular cafes have a warm ambience with lots of people, empty cafes suggest that perhaps they aren’t very welcoming or perhaps don’t have a quality product. Full cafes make good money:)

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