8 Things You Should Know About Twitter Lists on Mobile

Twitter Mobile just became a lot more valuable since they added more Twitter List management to the functionality. Here are 

What is a Twitter List? With each person you follow, you have the ability to add them to one or more interest groups. These groups might be topical, about industry segments, a location or country, a sport, news media, marketers and so on. Specialists in certain industries, clients or competitors.

You can make these groups public, so that other people can see who you follow in those groups. Keep in mind if they are public, other people can see you are following them on a list.

You can also make groups private, such as for family, colleagues and friends. In my recent blog 22 Apps to use when the big Wellington Earthquake hits, I suggested you could create Twitter Lists for family, friends and colleagues. This just got easier.

Here are some reasons why you want to know about this.

  1. Twitter Lists are a way of grouping the people you follow into useful segments.
  2. You can have a combination of private and public lists.
  3. You can now add people to a list on your mobile device. This is new.
  4. You can create new lists on your mobile.
  5. You can follow tweets from a specific group on your mobile.
  6. You can see who the members are in a particular list. Effectively a Twitter Names List.
  7. Twitter Lists on Mobile

    Twitter Lists

    You can see who has you on their lists. This is very helpful if you want to grow your number of Twitter followers.

  8. You can see how other people see you and do a reality check on the relevance of your tweets. Do people see you the way you want them to perceive you.

The big thing is that you can do this on your mobile, which is how more than half of twitter users are accessing it according to this study and in fact they say that mobile users are 47% less likely to use Twitter on their desktop.

So here’s the question for you:

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  3. Jaie Hart says:

    Thanks. I learn something new more than every day. Often, every minute. Thanks. 🙂


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  5. Joan-FindingLeads4U says:

    Reblogged this on Joan Stewart –Finding Leads 4 U and commented:
    Twitter Lists to Make Your Life Easier, here is how and why….


  6. How do you make a list on mobile Twitter? It appears to be impossible.


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