Chevin launches fleet management app – BusinessCar

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Chevin launches fleet management app BusinessCar This comes as managing director Ashley Sowerby hit out at the amount of apps aimed at fleet operators: “Too many appear to have been driven by the marketing department rather than by a genuine fleet…

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

I scoopt this not so much because of the ‘features’ of the product, but because it really doesn’t promote it very well at all. It didn’t clearly explain what they meant by features and I suspect it won’t generate sales.

You don’t get a lot of opportunities in the news media for free publicity as PR and if your desire is to sell more product, you need to sell the sizzle. You defimitely do not use it as an opportunity to knock your competitors, that reflects poorly on you and your company. People want to know what your product will do for them and what life will feel like when they own it.

When I saw BusinessCar, I got interested, I thought, maybe this is a cool GPS app that monitors and supports ‘green’ driving. Perhaps with GPS tracking it will help me recall what clients I visited so I can match up my parking dockets. Maybe it will remind me when the car is due for a service etc.

Interesting to read a comment about the marketing department, because today I think there are a wealth of opportunities to add value. For example matching up to the CRM so people can make extra calls in the neighhbourhood when they have spare time, helping the driver with avoiding traffic conditions and deciding which jobs to do next, if there isn’t a fixed schedule, based on route optimisation. To me the conventional FM functionality should be expected by default. I have no idea what Chevin is offering for the business car and unless someone tells me, I probably never will because this ‘news’ story hasn’t convinced me to research it.

Why did I write this then? To get you thinking about the next story you put out. This news story makes a good case study imho.

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