Making the Grade: Maps of the Highest and Lowest Scoring Schools in the State

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The Utah State Office of Education released the letter grade evaluations of Utah Schools today.

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

So you are buying a house for the family, whether its your dream home, or first home, is your children’s education a consideration. Will you be living in that property during an important formative phase of their schooling.

In many cases your home will be zoned for certain schools and if you can’t afford to pay for a private school, you need to know what the implications are. If the nice house is zoned for a school which has a low average pass rate of students, then, if for no other reason, you might want to reconsider buying there.

Schools with higher grade averages tend to influence property value. These things do change as well, so don’t write of an area because the history isn’t great if you really like the house, but do some research and find out where it is headed. Once you’ve bought the wrong house, it may turn out that other people do the research and you find it much harder to resell.

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