6 Reasons to Start This Friday Morning at the Grey Lynn Business Association

What are you doing this Friday morning 27 September? If you are in Auckland, why not come and join me and some great people at the Grey Lynn Business Association for a Winter Wake Up. The doors open at 7:30 and I will be presenting for half an hour from 8AM. The topic is one that is dear to my heart.

What’s Location Got To Do With It?

GLBA CentreThe Grey Lynn Business Association has really impressed me with the caliber of mostly small businesses collaborating with each other in an urban environment that has a rich history going back well over 100 years.  Even if you don’t live in the area, if you want to grow your business, I recommend you come and grow your network.

What will I be talking about? The importance of Location to everything we do. Where we live, where we work, who we associate with, where we play and :

  1. Some interesting facts about Grey Lynn, one of my old stomping grounds. Do you research an area before you go and live or work there? You should.
  2. The implications of Smartphones and GPS. How to use that technology to engage with people in a community and for your business.
  3. Business As Usual, the decline and rise of business. Disrupt or be disrupted. How to make sure your business grows and prospers.
  4. Collaboration. One of my favorite words. Combining old school philosophies with new technology. I love bringing companies together to mutual benefit that didn’t previously see the connection. Grey Lynn already does this better than some suburbs, but there are always more opportunities. You may wish to collaborate with Grey Lynn businesses, following the example of companies like Hallertau, or you might just want ideas of how to grow your business using location based tools and some smart Kiwi thinking.
  5. Location Based Social Media. People are talking about your businesses, they are visiting them and commenting on them. How can you turn that into more revenue, more customers, more profit and more fun?
  6. Augmented Reality. I’m going to briefly touch on things you can do for fun at your specific location, such as Finga Footy, but also an example from local bar The Golden Dawn and how they created an amazing experience for customers, in conjunction with Imersia, a leading company in experiential marketing.

    The Golden Dawn

    The Golden Dawn

So why not come and start of your Friday morning with a roar instead of an end of the week whimper. You will come away with ideas you can think about over the weekend and start October with a bang.

For more information, go to the Grey Lynn Business Association web page. Register today! The event is at the Grey Lynn Community Center at 510 Richmond Rd.

About Luigi Cappel

Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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1 Response to 6 Reasons to Start This Friday Morning at the Grey Lynn Business Association

  1. Chris Mitchell says:

    Luigi at it again. Right place right time? Location is everywhere and so is Luigi. Well done.

    Would attend but will be out of Auckland so hope others I know can give me an update.


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