Buying a House – Using Apps, Maps and Location Based Services – New Zealand Edition

I’ve had a lot of interest and downloads of my new Kindle eBook Buying a House – Using Apps, Maps and Location Based Services from around the world. That is exciting and I was thrilled today to get my first review.

One thing that has also happened is that I’ve had quite a lot of feedback (given that I live in New Zealand myself) saying many of the applications I wrote about don’t exist in New Zealand. The eBook was written for a global audience and so I featured applications and websites from many countries including the USA, India, UK, Australia and the Netherlands.

Living EdgeIt appears that there is a lot of interest in an edition tailored specifically for the New Zealand market. That’s great news because there are some very cool things happening in the New Zealand market.

There are new websites like Hometopia which was launched just after I published the new book, and services like Living Edge, which does homestaging (a great way to make your house look a million bucks!) which I wasn’t able to cover in the book.

Doing a New Zealand edition of the book means that I can fit in a lot more local information. That’s where you might come in. I’m looking for anecdotes and information on how people have used New Zealand Real Estate apps, maps and location based services when looking to buy a house.

What do you like? What do you wish New Zealand real estate companies or associated businesses would offer? Have you come across something really innovative? Are you developing something? Are you in the industry yourself or developing something for it? Here’s your chance to get involved.

Tell me what you’d like to see covered or tell me your stories. If I use your information I will thank you in the book (if you’d like me to) and share links to sites or applications. Use the form below, or feel free to leave a comment.

About Luigi Cappel

Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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