Car, tech firms must work together to provide Internet, ‘apps’ : Ford executive – KDAL

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Blouin News Blogs Car, tech firms must work together to provide Internet, ‘apps’ : Ford executive KDAL For example, Google Inc’s Tarun Bhatnagar, director of Google Maps for Business, speaking after Farley, described using the navigation app on his…

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

One of the challenges in consumer electronics (and I include cars in this category because today with all the gadgets and computers it really is getting into that area) is compatibility.

It’s all very well to have multi year contracts with OEM manufacturers for components such as car navigation, but if we are going to seriously get into open systems for telematics, communications between cars for safety, sharing of information, proximity based services, car navigation, green reporting, car park availability, travel and tourism, traffic information etc, the era of proprietary everything has to change.

Absolutely each brand can add their own flavor and unique features, they must, but all brands benefit from commonality of the end services. For example if all cars can communicate information such as their speed, heading and location, we can make freeways and highways more efficient and safer. Traffic planners can become more automated and motoring becomes more enjoyable.

It is a natural evolution, all cars today have electric windscreens, air conditioning, most are coming out now with GPS navigation, many now have inbuilt systems for hands free mobile and so on. If they all agree on standards for comms protocols, for safety protocols etc, then they can still add their own unique added value features.

Think about telematics and entertainment as standard functions. Forget about proprietary interfaces, like an iPhone dock. Use WiFi instead, you can still have remote control, but you don’t end up with obsolete elements designed to connect to a device that has a life expectancy of 2 years when the car is going to be around for 30 years.

Let’s have some common sense in the industry:)

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