Which legal publisher will harness the value of blog content? – Real Lawyers Have Blogs (blog)

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Real Lawyers Have Blogs (blog)
Which legal publisher will harness the value of blog content?

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

It is interesting seeing the mixed bag of lawyers entering the blogosphere. As the article says, many legal blogs are more focused on marketing and in fact many of the bloggers are in fact responsible for generating inbound business for the firm.

On a tangent, I see many law firms starting blogs and then leaving them dormant after a few posts. Blogging is potentially a wonderful medium for generating new business, but remember your blog represents you. Are you someone that plays with a new concept, or are you offering real value. Are you portraying a thought leader, but then not following through. Market strategies and SME legal firms don’t always seem to be mutually inclusive unless they happen to have an intern or someone on board with a bit of passion.

To me a blog would be a great marketing tool and the ability to aggregate or publish legal blogs in a forum environment would be a great opportunity to showcase thought, knowledge and experience, especially when they are peer curated and debated.

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Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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