How To Self-Publish a Book With WordPress

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Whether you’re circulating a periodic publication or writing a book, WordPress provides an easy way to organize and structure your content while it’s in process. Posts can be kept private while you’re working on finishing the book. Alternatively, you can release installments of your work to the public by publishing them on your WordPress site. This option gives you the benefit of community feedback during the process of writing your book.


Whatever process you choose to enhance your workflow is up to you. WordPress offers the flexibility and tools for any approach and provides several advantages over traditional publishing houses

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

Has anyone tried this? I’ve heard of people writing books on Twitter, so this makes some sense, personally I’d prefer Amazon or other means, but it might depend on the type of book. A diary based work of fiction for example could work really well.


I would question the definition of a book at this point. But then other words have also changed in meaning, for example many recording artists talk about records. To me a record is made of vinyl.

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