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Featuring the music and experience of singer and songwriter Dave Barnett (Read my latest indie music marketing blog at http://t.co/0t7bH5UGgM #music #blog #marketing)…

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

Dave has some great information for songwriters on his blog. When I checked this morning, the first one was a comparison of revenues from streaming music sources and some great advice about where you can make some money for your work.


Of course most of us don’t do it for the money but if you do want to make a living out of your music, you need to treat your songwriting and other activities as a business. If some sites or services are paying more, they are probably earning more and have more listeners, that means greater exposure. But there is much more to it.


Finding the right blogs is important and the music business like IT and communications is changing by the hour. Blogs are often more important to keep you up to date with how to market your music business.


What blogs do you find helpful? I’d love your feedback.

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