GPS Tracking Shoes Offer Alzheimer’s Patients Added Safety …

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ThisGPS Tracking Shoes Offer Alzheimers Patients Added Safety Earlier this morning, we did take a closer look at the Le Chal smartshoes which will help the blind or visually impaired get around without additional or external help …

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

This is a great idea and offers real hope to families of people with disabilities or conditions such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.


I disagree with the price objection in that any technology costs money and the cost of finding missing people is also very expensive and distressing. Often people who have gone missing are found, safe and well, or safe and ill from being exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, but sending police or SAR people out is expensive.


The low cost RF solutions have a range of up to 1km and requires people to walk around with a direction finding Yagi antenna and if people are out of range, they won’t work.


The other objection to a lot of people with conditions like Alzheimer’s is that they are creatures of habit. Bulky necklaces or watches are available, but people will often argue and say they don’t like the object or don’t want t wear them.


Charging is definitely an issue with GPS technology where 24 hours is a big ask for frequent tracking. I don’t know about these devices but obviously there are technologies which can turn them on and off on demand such as motion sensors, or the ability to remotely turn them on through the SIM card to reduce power consumption.


Personally I would go one step further and add contact-less charging mats. That way nothing needs to be plugged in (elderly hands don’t deal with micro USB plugs and sockets very well.


Everyone needs shoes and if the shoes fit, and they like the look of them, this company could be on a winner.


If a company had the right product, I would be coming up with shoes and slippers that would suit the right demographic and be heading to the next shoe fair AND the next big fair that caters to aged health products. If this company knows how to market themselves, the world is their oyster. With the right team in distribution and the right products, hey I’d be looking to join the company.


One of the barriers to


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