iBeacons and the future of retail shopping: Consumers are ready, but are retailers?

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Not only do most people now use mobile apps to help them shop in stores, but more consumers would rather consult their smartphone for input than a sales associate.

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

Relevance to the individual shopper is the key and I’m not sure many retailers are ready for this.


Here’s the thing. If I get bombarded by iBeacon promotions that offer me things I’m not interested in at the mall, I’m going to get really annoyed and make sure I stop receiving them.


If I get a message that is truly relevant, that’s awesome. Make me a goo deal at lunchtime and you might have a customer.


I’ve long been an advocate o Proximity Based Marketing as you can see on one of my blogs http://bit.ly/1g8bLJp What I really want is a service that knows me and only makes offers that are relevant. There is a new Stephen King book due out in July. Make me an offer when I am near the shop that tells me about that specific book and I’ll probably come and buy it, because your loyalty program knows he’s one of my favorite authors. You sold me a lawn mower, it’s fall and you have made a huge bulk purchase of leaf mulchers. Offer me a deal on those.


Unfortunately most retailers don’t link their sales data to their customers and therefore don’t know what they buy. It blows me away that when they have the ability to truly influence their customers by showing that they understand their unique needs, that they don’t use it and then complain about Internet competitors. I buy from Amazon because they make recommendations to me. Why can’t my bookstore do that? Borders could have easily done that. They didn’t and they’re not here any more. http://bit.ly/1f1xIxr 


If it’s done well and with a lot of thought and a program that explains to customers (perhaps even designed with customer focus groups) it could be a goldmine. If it’s done and customers aren’t consulted and it doesn’t provide relevant information, most people will dislike it.


If it’s done well, but customers aren’t consulted or educated, they will find it creepy.There is a movement in relation to location based marketing and social media of people who are going to start disconnecting and technology like iBeacon could be an example of a great idea that won’t succeed if there isn’t a lot of thought put into the delivery.


It’s not about the hardware, it’s about the customer. Never lose sight of the customer.



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