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Cell phone GPS tracking isn’t illegal. You can see where everyone is by knowing their number here http://t.co/LUj8hYU7c9

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

This is a quick and important read for anyone that doesn’t have smartphone tracking set up on the mobile.

Huge numbers of mobiles are lost or stolen every day, but the siple addition of an app can mean that you can locate it. Interestingly it doesn’t include the app I use, which is Find my iPhone. It not only allows me to locate it, but can wipe all data from it and make it unusable as well as set off a loud noise.

The other valuable thing is, as it says in this quick and easy to read story, is being able to find someone you are close to, who is missing, hasn’t turned up where you expected them. If you have an agreement with them and they aren’t answering your calls or messages, having  access to their phone locator app can help you locate them.

Of course they have to agree to let you use it. I have blogged a lot about apps to help locate people with disabilities or illnesses such as diabetes or other conditions that could potentially cause them to become disoriented or even fall asleep or into a coma. If they are fundamentally sound of mind (e.g. this would not be suitable for someone with advanced dementia because they probably wouldn’t have a mobile) this would be a great solution because pretty much everyone has a mobile and statistics say that for most people it is within grabbing distance 24/7.

Want to know your kids are safe and where they are supposed to be and you have allowed them to have a smartphone? Make it a condition that it has a locator app on it and that you have access to the application, password etc to locate it. How many kids go missing every day who have a smartphone?

What about natural disasters like earthquakes, tropical cyclones, floods and other incidents that separate people. An app like Find My iPhone could solve the classic problem that thousands of people had in Christchurch in the last major earthquake. Where is my family. I wonder how many people thought of using that?

As a bonus, many of these apps are free, you just have to set them up. Why not do that today?

For more info on devices and apps for tracking people, check out some of my other blogs here and  here.

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  1. Luigi Cappel says:

    Reblogged this on Luigicappel's Weblog and commented:

    I have often blogged about devices and apps to help locate people who have conditions that could see them become disoriented, for example people who suffer from diabetes.

    I have blogged a lot about tracking devices like bracelets, watches and other devices containing GPS.

    This one on my SoLoMo Consulting page talks about using the free apps that often come with your Smartphone or are in many cases a free download. These apps like Find My iPhone are typically designed for if you misplace your mobile, or if you misplace it, however they can easily be used (with agreement) to locate your missing teenager, family member or other person you have a close relationship with.

    When we had the earthquake in Christchurch in 2011, one of the very common stories I heard was about families that were separated and the angst when people couldn’t locate their partners or family members. This type of app is a ready made solution without having to purchase any other technology. Often in a situation like this, people can become disoriented and may not be able to easily advise others where they are. These apps will show their exact location on a map. What a great tool for Search & Rescue in emergencies, even looking for people underneath rubble, if their mobile still works.

    Generally most people are never more than 20 feet away from their mobiles according to recent research. Have you set up an app like this on your mobile? Why not give the URL and password to your close ones. It could be the best 5 minutes investment of your time ever.


  2. You have really aided me greatly by writing this article…it’s really helpful for all mobiles user… thank you… keep up your good work…


  3. ivankudroc says:

    Simple Phone Tracker. 🙂 http://buddy-locator.com/


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