3 habits of highly effective bloggers – Media Update

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3 habits of highly effective bloggers
Media Update
“The first key to being a successful blogger is to write. A lot,” writes blogger Annabel Candy on Copyblogger. “The more you write, the better your writing gets.

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

You would think it goes without saying, but it doesn’t. There are so many bloggers who write 2 or 3 times a month and wonder why they don’t have hundreds or thousands of followers. Sorry folks, would you subscribe to a bus that only turns up a couple of times a week? Would you follow a newspaper that randomly publishes the ‘news’ once in a while when they got around to it.


Also agree it comes down to the mission statement, the raison d’etre.  Why are you blogging and what are you wanting to achieve? Now put yourself in the shoes of the people you want to come an enjoy your offerings.


So if you were the reader, would you feel excited to read your own work? Does it deliver on the mission? Honestly? Would you get out of bed to read it if you were researching more information about your passion? If yes, you could be in very high demand. If no, you might want to go back to that mission. Is it really important to you? If not, why not just go have some fun and read a book, or go for a drive, and come back when you think you are ready to commit. Or don’t come back and just think about it as something interesting you tried once.

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