How To Make Good Money By Writing A Blog

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Did you know you can write your own blog to make money online? It’s easy to look at people who have … (Have you ever wanted to start a blog just for fun?

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

Professional journalists maker very little money writing for newspapers and magazines unless they are at the top of their trade, so if you think you can make good money writing your blog, think again.


The same applies to musicians and songwriters, do it because you are passionate about it and seek to constantly improve on your craft. If you are good, then you may make some sort of living and once in a while someone makes a good living most likely for a relatively short period of time.


If you are blogging to sell goods, services or expertise, then your income might come from your promotion and sharing of knowledge that results in sales of something else. If you think you will make ‘good money’ from blogging simply by following a simple set of instructions, think again. If you don’t have the passion and commitment and original information, it simply won’t happen.


The bloggers that you see making money work hard for years to become an overnight success and they typically do much more, such as networking, promotion on social media, writing for magazines, presenting at conferences and much more. They are a very rare bunch. I get really frustrated when I see blogs or courses saying follow these simple steps. It took me years just to rise to the top of Google search on What is the best GPS for New Zealand?


If you want to write, because you enjoy writing, because you are prepared to keep honing your craft and people follow you and you can make some money, somehow out of it, fantastic. If you go into it for the money, save yourself some bother now and do something else.


Just my humble opinion of course:)

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Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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