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How GPS monitoring fails in critical public-safety ways
12, 2013, hearing in federal court, Steven Dean Gordon urged a judge not to place him on a GPS monitor.

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

This isn’t a new story. I don’t know what the US laws are and whether they vary from state to state, but it would be very simple to set off proximity alarms when offenders are in proximity of other offenders also on parole, either all, those who have been convicted of similar crimes, or others such as gang members. Geofences can also be placed around schools or other places such as parks, swimming pools or other places where there are likely to be groups of children.


There is also significant potential to monitor other things such as whether they go to work (if it is part of their parole conditions), do they go to bars, or straight home. Do they go to places where other known criminals meet? Subject to what, if any privacy parolees are entitled to, using Business Analysis to monitor where and when people go, can create a big database that could uncover significantly more crime. It is a veritable crime prevention goldmine.

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