INDABA 2014 builds new frontiers to boost tourism in Africa – Nigerian Tribune

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Nigerian Tribune INDABA 2014 builds new frontiers to boost tourism in Africa Nigerian Tribune Looking to the next 20 years of tourism, it is hard to envisage how technology will evolve, how consumer preferences will change, or how the centre of…

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:


For a continent that "invented mobile payment", I would be expecting some great innovation from Africa when it comes to understanding tourist needs, but if this story is indicative of the state of the nation when it comes to supporting modern tourist’s expectations, I’m sorry, but it feels like I am reading something written fro 10-15 years ago.


Tourism today isn’t about putting pictures onto web sites. It’s about providing a rich location based experience that brings the stories and experiences to life and allows people to interact with the people and their surroundings.


I hope there is more to this tech zone than the story suggests, because there is a demand for a mobile smartphone experience for tourists today and one of the great things is that if people are educated, have fun, feel safe, can find their way to the things they may not have even realized they wanted to see, countries like Nigeria could take a leadership position.


In order to do that they need to combine the smarts and innovation that is necessary to survive and prosper in Africa, together with what is leading the way in other parts of the world, not look back and follow the evolutionary path that we trod 15 years ago, because a lot of it didn’t achieve much.


My message to Africa is to innovate, to find out what your tourism customers want and to surprise them with how smart you are. Give them the stories in ways that not only will they love to consume, but which they will want to share with the world and will help more people dig into their pockets to experience all that is good about a little understood part of the world and keep them safe from what isn’t.


I just hope that INDABA 2014 has indeed innovated and thought through what the next 20 years could look like. If you are talking about what people will read in history books in 20 years time, you’re already heading in the wrong direction because very few people will be reading books at all in 20 years time. It is not a practical or sustainable medium any more except for collectors items.


I wish you success.

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