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As my blogs title says, LocarioThe Turtle Sense technology was developed by Nerds-Without-Borders, an organization that believes thoughtful people, acting without self-interest and working collaboratively, can solve many of the world’s problems.

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

As the title of my blog says, Location is everywhere. Did you know that at the time turtles leave the nest and head for the sea, they close off areas to give them safe and free access including closing roads to let them make the safe trek back to the sea?


It’s a fascinating tourist experience, but the challenge has been how to know when this annual trek is going to happen. They now have sensors monitoring the temperature and that can alert those who need to know when the young are ready for their first hike to the sea.


These days there are sensors for everything location from sea temperature, height and salinity, to luggage at the airport. M2M solves so many problems. The funny thing is that in so many cases M2M is already pervasive and in everyday use by most of us and we don’t even think about it. We just use it.

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