Mobile Marketing Stumbles as Pandora Plays San Francisco Ads in New York – Bloomberg

Mobile Marketing Stumbles as Pandora Plays San Francisco Ads in New York
Marketers spend as much as $2.4 billion a year on mobile ads aimed at users based on geography, and Pandora is far from the only app whose ads sometimes go awry.


This isn’t a stumble it’s a fantastic marketing opportunity for Pandora to recognize a minor glitch and turn it into a major marketing win.


Advertisers wants to reach local people who have access to their goods and services. Consumers want goods and services and if they can take advantage of deals and offers close to them, that are well targeted, which includes a match to their rough location and their interests, they are open to buy.


Pandora not only has the ability to quickly provide a fix asking for permission to have the location of their premium customers, if they haven’t already done that. I use Spotify and they certainly know I live in Auckland, New Zealand, although I pay for an advertisement free service.


The location, time of day and musical tastes of listeners is a gold mine for Business Analysts who understand how to mine these things and identify generic interests, gender, age group and other information about freemium listeners, not only by what they are listening to and where they are (and whether and when that location changes) but also when they don’t, for example, in New Zealand if I never listen to Spotify when there is an international rugby match on, they will be able to work out why and that’s another tick on my profile.


Don’t get lost in the headline of this story, it has some excellent examples of small businesses that can equally profit from location based marketing. You don’t have to be a giant to run location based campaigns. There are still plenty of great services such as Foursquare that have complete packaged solutions for SME business for free and then of course the amazing world of Facebook and Google.


This isn’t a stumble for mobile marketing, it’s inertia building before the next leap.

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Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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