Packers adopting GPS technology to research injuries –

Packers adopting GPS technology to research injuries In a detailed look at their training plans, Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette explains how the Packers are using a GPS monitoring system on certain players in practice…


Interesting that most off the comments on this page are derogatory, whether it is that they are not Packers fans, or they just don’t get it.


The All Blacks have used location based and mobile technologies for years and injuries are a classic. What were they doing when they were injured, where were they on the field, was it  scrum, a tackle, what were they doing. When the best teams in the world try these things, you can bet there is a reason behind it. I don’t follow the Packers, but New Zealand are the world champs in rugby and are currently on a winning streak of 17 international matches, equaling the world record. Btw, they aren’t too up themselves to try yoga or other ideas either lol.

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