San Francisco ousts parking apps for poaching public parking – Inside Mobile Apps

San Francisco ousts parking apps for poaching public parking
Inside Mobile Apps
Worst of all, it encourages drivers to use their mobile devices unsafely — to engage in online bidding wars while driving.


I can understand the legal side if this problem, It’s very much like selling something you don’t own and I doubt you have a legal right to do this.


However, it highlights that San Fran has a major problem, especially when the article talks about ParkMondo paying people $15 just to sit in a car park and hold it for someone who will pay extra to be able to use it.


To me the smart thing would be to understand that not only does SF have a parking space problem, what they really have is a problem with people being able to get to their destination. Whilst they can look at other interventions like more public transport and more car parks, or combinations of the two, in my opinion, they should either be talking to the developers of these apps an see if they can work out something that’s mutually beneficial.


That’s what Kiwi company Frogparking does. They not only provide the software for people to locate parks and book them, but they also provide enforcement apps for infringement management and warnings to the public when the carpark time is about to expire. The concept is around letting everyone get the park they need and stock-turn so that lots of people can get parks. Very valuable in shopping or entertainment precincts.


Instead of stomping on these people, use their smarts and collaborate. Take a lead from Auckland City Council in New Zealand which recently ran a weekend long Civic Hacking event on Transport.


They knew that they would be thrown some curly ideas, but they were also accessing a community of people capable of helping. You often need people who are not emotionally or otherwise invested in the problem. There aren’t many cities with more developers and entrepreneurs than San Francisco. Get with the program city managers!

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  1. Chris Mitchell says:

    Good insights from Luigi as always. Makes a lot of sense to me.


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