Gov’ts shouldn’t rely too much on traffic-control cameras – Editorial – Newsday

Nassau is counting on as much as $30 million per year in revenue from speed cameras. (Traffic Cam FACTS
1. They reduce crashes, esp serious ones.


I would be hoping for this problem. I really can’t imagine any cities putting red light cameras in to generate revenue. There is a significant cost associated with urban accidents. The cost to the GDP of congestion due to accidents in a city is often very high.


Red light runners have a significant impact on our roads. They cause accidents which endanger the safety of our citizens. The delays as a consequence of the accidents as people park up, wait for police or tow trucks is more congestion and sometimes additional problems such as road rage.


The impacts of stoppages at one intersection start impacting on other road segments including activating a range of personnel from emergency services, traffic management engineers, traffic operations centers, and others all comes out of the civic purse, your taxes.


Then of course there are all the goods and services vehicles that can’t get to their clients and then can’t complete their days work, people to get to work late, kids get to school late, products end up not getting to the shelves on time and often extra people need to be hired to do the work of the people who couldn’t do their jobs because of the gridlock caused by the accident.


When you way up all the money and time saved by reducing the accidents caused by red light runners, the fact that the cameras aren’t generating much revenue because people are obeying the signals is a good thing. People who get fined may think its unfair, but to me what is unfair is that their inconsideration of their fellow citizens, thinking that the laws are only for other people and that they have an exclusive right to race through red lights need to understand the ramifications of what they do. I don’t believe it was ever about the money. The cost of putting these systems in and managing the outcomes is very high and I find it hard that any DOT would put them in for the sake of revenue gathering.

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