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Headlines & Global News
Google Maps Update Brings Support For Android Wear
Headlines & Global News
The web giant updated its Google Maps app for Android this week, bringing support for its open-source platform for wearable devices, Android Wear.


This may not seem like much, but ut really is. It might even get me wearing a watch again except that I don’t have an Android phone. Combining navigation on a watch, together with a heart rate monitor is going to appeal to everyone from a tourist, to people into fitness.


The pricing of these watches around the $200 mark makes them accessible to most people.


Why is this important? largely because it brings wearable computing to the masses, without them even realizing they are doing it. It makes things simple and users will gain benefits they never thought they wanted. Of course it makes the mobile even more ubiquitous. Some will say that it makes it all but impossible to disconnect from the world. They’re right, but if it brings the world to you with the features you want, your world, then that’s good in my book.


You can still have holidays and turn it all off for a break….

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