Pune Munical Corporation will now use GPS for tracking your garbage – Daily News & Analysis

Daily News & Analysis Pune Munical Corporation will now use GPS for tracking your garbage Daily News & Analysis Pune: After receiving complaints that garbage collection vehicles do not collect garbage regularly, the Pune Municipal Corporation(PMC)…

Source: www.dnaindia.com

I wonder if they have also considered other benefits, for example, today’s Fleet Management Systems have gyros and inertia sensors that can monitor safe driving, things such as harsh braking and cornering. The vehicles can be remotely unlocked in the event that someone accidentally locks the keys in the truck.


Fleet Management can be used to report where in a run the vehicle is and where it has been, so if people do complain, the Fleet Manager can view a breadcrumb trail online on which roads the vehicle has been on and when. So for example if someone got their garbage out late and then blamed the truck operator that can also be monitored.


Accidents happen in this industry and an emergency button would also be useful in the event of an equipment malfunction that injures an operator and if the airbags are deployed, an alarm can be sent back to base together with the geospatial coordinates.


It also allows monitoring of unauthorized driving, driving to unauthorized locations and many more functions such as supporting route optimization, green driving (lead feet). It can also help with things like keeping records of when services are due, licensing and driver information.


Good move PMC.


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