Watch this: Human transforms its app data into striking activity maps

Now, the outfit has taken user data from 30 of the largest cities in the world and constructed visualizations for each locale. Maps for all three of the aforementioned endeavors are included, broken down by activity for further …


I’ve tried a lot of LBS apps over the years and I’m always open to something new. So I’ve installed it, why don’t you do the same and we can move and make aesthetic map art together.


Watch my blog at and we can compare notes. I’ve used a lot of apps to track fitness, walking travel etc. I’ve done the 10,000 steps program, Map My Walk and lots more, After a while they get boring unless they keep evolving or offer something you can’t get anywhere else.


The installation was quick and the app is free. So lets see where this takes us. See you out there:)

About Luigi Cappel

Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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