Reducing traffic congestion in Vietnam’s major cities – Tuoitrenews

Reducing traffic congestion in Vietnam’s major cities
Many experts now consider intelligent transportation systems (ITS) as the solution. London was able to reduce traffic to mid-1980 levels using ITS.


Excellent article showing some of the differences as well as commonalities between eastern and western cities. In some places getting a car is a status symbol, especially in Asia, but in others it doesn’t make sense at all when there is good economic public transport.


It’s not surprising to see IBM mentioned here, especially when it comes to designing modern cities where people can live, work and play. Unfortunately most cities are not designed that way, so ITS and changes in work culture become important.


The toughest is when large corporations still don’t, or feel they can’t allow more people to spend some time working from home, or using flexi-time, allowing staff to go to and from work outside of peak traffic times. Big employers should really show some good citizenship and explore how they can make this work. There is plenty of technology such as unified communications that can not only make it easy for staff to work and stay connected, but also for their management, who in some cases effectively don’t trust their staff to not be distracted when working from home.


There are of course people who by the nature of their job have to be on site all of their working time. There are plenty who don’t. Sometimes the most effective solutions are very simple and low tech.


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