We Need This: A Maps App That Algorithmically Finds You the Scenic Route | Design | WIRED

Here’s something nice: Researchers working out of a Yahoo lab in Barcelona are building a maps application that doesn’t just spit out the fastest path from A to B but instead endeavors to show you the most enjoyable one.

Source: www.wired.com

As someone who really enjoys road trips, this caught my interest, and I’m looking forward to learning more about what they come up with.


2 years ago I did a road trip which was mostly the Blues tour which is available on paper from any tourist center which took me to places like the homes and museums everywhere from Tupelo to Spring Creek. I couldn’t find any apps that would include places like the Cotton Museum, Robert Johnson’s museum or Mississippi John Hurt’s backyard. I did the Natchez Trace, the trail the Indians took from Tennessee to Louisiana and in between visited historical villages, Indian burial mounds and much more.


What I want in an app is one where I can enter the keywords and areas I have of interest. Places that will make my trip memorable. When I think of scenic routes. Most countries and cities already have those mapped out and sign posted. I’m not sure which direction this app is going, but the need in my mind is for something I can’t otherwise easily get. People in an area generally know where the great views are and what places have amazing views. I don’t think you would need an algorithm when you have access to local experts. Doesn’t mean you don’t need the app though:)

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