Island traffic congestion drives Anna Maria Island chorus performances out | Local News | Bradenton Herald

The Anna Maria Island Concert Chorus and Orchestra has decided to move two of its 2014-2015 shows off the island due to heavy traffic congestion on Anna Maria Island. (RT @MattAtBradenton: AMI congestion sends arts off island.


I can’t share all of the details with you, but yesterday I spent the day learning new skills around understanding customers and stakeholders better within the context of a Government department. It was a very rewarding experience.


One of the case we studied was about the traffic congestion around a holiday location, possibly not dissimilar to Anna Maria Island. It was a major tourist destination and suffers from severe holiday season traffic congestion such that locals can’t go about their daily business. However on the other hand local businesses rely on the seasonal influx of ‘tourists’, holiday makers and people with holiday homes etc in the area.


Looking at the impacts of this on each different type of customer from a consumer, to a holiday maker, who is typically stuck just try to get there, or in some cases, just trying to drove through it to get to beaches and other locations was highly enlightening.


Part of my experience was asking ordinary people in the street about the organization I am contracting to and I have to say it was a wonderful experience. In 10 minutes I learned so much, and a group of 3 retired people went from suggesting that all senior decision makers should be sacked, to suggesting they would be happy to invest in bonds at the same rate as the local bank rate to help improve their city.


This local story is a similar case and it appears again, that the locals are fixing their own problems. It is a timely reminder that while cities and towns may be built of infrastructure, but its the society that makes the town, not the bricks and mortar.

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