Location Analytics + Maps: 10 Eureka Moments – InformationWeek

Location Analytics + Maps: 10 Eureka Moments
Maps tell stories beyond location.

Source: www.informationweek.com

This is an introduction to Maps and Location 201. You have to flick over through 11 brief well presented and quick to read stories, but you have my word that if you are not immersed in location, which is my world, you will definitely find something you might not have been aware of.


From location based time statistics to how to make sure you have enough food for a major event coming into your city, there is something here for everyone.


Over many years the types of location based services I have been blogging about and involved in selling and marketing are coming of age and not just to the privileged few. They are available for pretty much every walk of life and every industry.


In my recent book Buying a House – Using Real Estate Apps, Maps and Location Based Services, I cover off similar examples with a simple ‘how to’ specifically for the home buyer.


I recommend this as one of the better articles you will find on Location Based Services.

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