Google Maps Navigation Now Offered In El Salvador, Libya, Nicaragua … – Android Police

Google Maps Navigation Now Offered In El Salvador, Libya, Nicaragua …


It’s no surprise that Google maps are getting into countries where you might not previously have expected to get maps, perhaps for your traditional car nav device, although I know major brands like TomTom are continually working on spreading to other countries.


Obviously you need to keep in mind that if you are using a device where the map delivery relies on a mobile network to be available and you drive out of the cities into areas where there is limited cellphone coverage, your traditional portable navigation device might be a safer investment if maps for the country you have chosen to drive in (or passenger in to stay one step ahead of a taxi driver going the long or wrong way) are not able to be pre-installed on your mobile.


The link is also interesting because it explains why some of the apparently simple things I have asked for on my Smartphone with audio controls don’t get me anywhere. If you are using audio controls, surely you don’t have to work from a list to learn what phrase structures your app needs before it can provide an answer. It’s a step on the right direction, but a smallish one. This is how I’d expect it to work seamlessly.

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