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City Maps Made by Judgmental Jerks
The answers may or may not be found in “Judgmental Maps,” a fearlessly opinionated project that seems designed to troll America’s biggest cities.


This is really interesting. I use Trendmaps from time to time, but I’ve never heard of Judgmental Maps, but it makes a lot of sense. Most cities, states and towns have demographic listings of where groups if people live, areas of high ethnic groups, prevalent employment categories, sizes of families, no families. Here in Auckland there is a real estate book which classifies people by all the things that makes them interesting, which is explored in a little more detail in my book Buying a House using Real Estate Apps, Maps and Location Based Services. The fact is people like to live in an area surrounded by people that are like themselves. There are also as some of these examples show, places where you might not want to live because of previous land use, commute time, or whatever.

You may not agree with the map or the perception that people have drawn about your city, but you always have the opportunity to change the perception. I like the idea. I’d love to have the time to make up a map of my city like this. Maybe I should add it to my to do list, at the very least as a fun way to use maps. For now my favorite is one that is sometimes found on T-Shirts and table cloths showing Australia and New Zealand together which names the (very creatively named main islands of New Zealand and then titles Australia as an uncharted wasteland off the coast of New Zealand.

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