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Best new mobile apps for iOS, Android
Digital Spy UK
Each week, Digital Spy rounds up the biggest mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.


Train spotting rises to a new high and I’m sure there are plane spotting apps too, although they might not be quite as reliable.

Some years ago I ran the Location Innovation Awards in New Zealand,

The winner came up with an application like this for Auckland buses. Unfortunately API’s weren’t available at the time to access information on where the buses were at any given time, but basically the app told you which direction to walk to, to get to the bus stop and the route on the map changed color if you needed to walk faster, or if you had enough time to pop over the road for a coffee or newspaper (this was 2008).

Pretty soon we will be in a position to use apps like this for our daily commute and for trips less familiar. With real time information as opposed to using timetables that are just a guideline, but not necessarily practical for accuracy (often the uses are in the same congested traffic with cars), real time GPS will let you see where the bus truly is in relation to you and the bus stop. Then the timetable only becomes a bus optimization tool. We really don’t care what time the bus is supposed to arrive at a bus stop (well we do for longer term planning on routes that have fewer buses) we want to know when we and the bus will intersect at the stop.

Get this right and I suspect a lot more people will be happy to catch buses and their expectations will be easier to meet.

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