Navdy Projects Apps Onto Your Car’s Windshield – TIME

Navdy Projects Apps Onto Your Car’s Windshield
My car’s in-dash navigation system did me wrong a few months back, sending me on a wild goose chase around the greater Boston area.


Thinking about what nav is going to be like in the future? Think heads up display. About this time last year I wrote about new technology on the way as aftermarket solutions with a HUD, just like the flash car I probably won’t get to own unless I win Lotto.

Anyway this new one from Navdy does the nav and a little bit more as you’ll see on the video. It incorporates voice control and hand gesture for other features such as answering or ignoring phone calls.

The article says they are raising funds for this project on Kickstarter, so naturally I went and had a look. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it there. I did however find their website and maybe the have already found the funding they need because they are taking pre-orders for US$299, for delivery next year.

My first thought was that they won’t have maps for New Zealand, however it does support Google Maps. There web site doesn’t say a lot about application support and I’m not about to lose the functionality that comes from my trusty TomTom such as local speed zones, accurate turn restrictions, real time traffic and more that I rely on, so I’m hoping that this device will support quality branded nav apps as well as all the other cool things it does.

The exciting thing is that this is, as I have predicted a few years ago, the next step in OEM car navigation. HUD, link to the car’s ODB2 Port and much more. Whether you think this is ready for you or your market (only available in English) you’ll enjoy the 2 minute video with a vision of what you could be using next year, in virtually any car that is post 1997.

Do remember though that cool features aren’t necessarily enough. Make sure that it does support a quality navigation solution for the country or state you live in, or you might be disappointed. Even without quality nav this would be the talk of your friend and a great value hands free kit for your mobile smartphone.

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