Bladen County to put GPS tracking in school buses – WECT-TV6

Bladen County to put GPS tracking in school buses
The Bladen County School Board approved a GPS Tracking and Maintenance system for the 80 buses in their fleet.


Many taxis have GPS based alarms, so why not buses. It’s great to see school buses monitored for a number of reasons. Safety and security for the passengers is the obvious one. If the data is accessible to parents, they can tell if they are going to be on time. It also allows reporting and training of bus drivers.

Drivers themselves can be monitored for harsh braking and also harsh cornering. It can also be monitored for unusual driving behavior. Yesterday I watched a school bus drive straight the the red light on a busy intersection, I also recently saw a school bus which got caught in heavy congestion after a crash. He turned the bus off the road and drove up the safety strip and grass with a bus full of children, effectively going to wrong way on a freeway. I believe he lots his license. Schoolkids are precious cargo! Let’s keep them safe and sound,

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