Despite technology, paper maps haven’t folded – Reading Eagle

Despite technology, paper maps haven’t folded
Reading Eagle
Time was, everyone’s glove box was crammed with wadded-up maps from trips past and neatly-folded maps for trips yet to be taken.


I do in fact have a few maps that are a couple of years old, they sit on one of my bookshelves as a piece of memorabilia rather than a tool I expect to use anytime in the near future.

If I was going hiking I would definitely invest in a map and if it was a few days, I would take an old school compass as well, but other than that, I have sufficient devices and back up battery packs, that I can’t see myself needing them.

Having said that, I’m a guy. I have a good sense for direction. Going back to my ancestral hunter gatherers, the hippocampus was designed to ensure we could get back to the camp fires waiting to cook the food we had found.

Of course I have been known to drive around in circles as I got close to my destination and didn’t ask for directions. But that was before I got my first nav unit:)

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2 Responses to Despite technology, paper maps haven’t folded – Reading Eagle

  1. Chris Mitchell says:

    Small fonts on my mobile combined with ageing and implications for sight led me to wonder what role hippopotami played in this scenario. Then closer inspection revealed you were referring to the medial temporal lobe!

    That makes a lot more sense.


    Chris Mitchell 021 190 5678



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