The race to go online in your car – The race to go online in your car Many motorists also use them for navigation and listening to music, and smartphones will become even more useful in a few months when Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto systems…

The article says, what I’ve said before, 27% of iPhone users would change brand to get a better connected car. While the distracted driving lobby group, cautions, and rightly so, about putting more entertainment systems into cars, by far the most demanded functionality is around car navigation, particularly with real time traffic accident and incident information, giving motorists the opportunity to route around incidents and also new kid on the block, but growing very quickly is car park availability.

This is going to be a rapid growth area and one of the new status symbols is not going to be the brand of the car, but how well connected it is.

It is also important to consider how the car is connected. There is a certain brand of popular European car that has connectivity for the iPhone 4 and 4S. It’s only been out for a year. Look for cars that connect via WiFi and Bluetooth depending on the functionality. Look for a car that offers connectivity, not just for the driver, but also for passengers because before too long the kids will also be wanting to stream entertainment into the car and your friends and family might be wanting to help find that car park, or restaurant or other locations leaving the driver free to drive without distractions.

This is a great opportunity for car brands and models that don’t usually get the limelight to compete with the BMW’s and Mercedes. One final thought. Unless all your friends drive one brand and model, make sure that you’re not buying a car with amazing safety anti-crash systems, but only to prevent then hitting a car of the same brand and model. Think I’m joking? I wish!

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