Smartphone Check-Ins: Not Quite an Aladin’s Lamp. – 4Hoteliers

Smartphone Check-Ins: Not Quite an Aladin’s Lamp.


This is a smart first step towards meeting Smartphone users. I would emphasize first step because it doesn’t say much about why I would use their app i the first place, but I’m listening.

There is a market of people, Free Independent Travelers (FIT) who would use this functionality, but they probably already have accommodation and travel apps for Africa.

If I was looking for a strategy to attract high value regular customers I would add in loyalty, local information and the ability to access the (IoT) Internet of Things. In other words imagine that the exclusive Apple Core Hotels app, gave you access to your room, control over lights, entertainment, your account, connected to the hotel’s free WiFi, made you offers such as invitations to the Captain’s Club, the ability to purchase from local restaurants or see the menu’s of the hotel restaurants, access to the gym and pool etc.

It would also provide the ability to learn about local amenities from shops to entertainment, ability to check times at the 3 airports and whatever else is of interest. It would seem that the target market is one that is more affluent and able to afford to pay a little more (my experience is that its better to use apps and decided where to stay, but then to ring the hotel at around 8PM and negotiate a deal, better than the reservation engine apps offer.

For regular visitors this could become their concierge and start to learn about their needs and habits, but maybe that’s going a little too far for a chain of 5 hotels?

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