Aussie telcos to sell user location data to marketers – Register

Aussie telcos to sell user location data to marketers Register The telcos, unnamed due to non-disclosure agreements, were seeking a project similar or based on Singapore’s SingTel which tracked the location of users via cell signal strength and…


Don’t go beating up on the Aussies, they’re doing this in New Zealand too. This is powerful information for town planners, for retailers, for service providers, the transport industry, education and so much more.

The important thing to understand is that this information is not about you, it is about clusters of unique devices, about trends and whilst it could be so much more, privacy laws and the risks of a serious backlash by customers of large corporates if their personal data was being sold without approval would stop them from using data more personal.

It is only a matter of time before Census departments start subscribing to this data which could provide real time information on where commuters statistically live and work and how they make those journeys, Where do they play. Combine location with how mobiles are used, at the very least the amount of voice, data and SMS they consume and where they do it.

If I was running an oil company, a bus company, a retail chain, educational institutions, entertainment businesses, combining this information with Census data would make this very powerful information.

The real problem I have found when I was offering location based business analysis tools, most people didn’t know what questions to ask of the data. That’s not a problem, there are many problem solving consultants like myself who do. The great thing today is that you don’t have to have the budget and resources of an international insurance company or bank to access and mine this information, There are many low cost solutions and tools that can allow you to access the information you need. If you understand your business, your industry and where you want to grow yours, understanding where the people are and why is a veritable goldmine. Are you going to mine it or just sit back and watch. It’s easier than you think. If you contact me, I’ll be happy to give you a pointer or two for free, no strings attached.

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