United, TripAdvisor, Starbucks add Uber booking to their mobile apps

Despite its regulatory woes, Uber is extending its reach in the smartphone world big-time.

Source: www.chicagotribune.com

Before the taxi industry gets up at arms over this, you have options too. Some airlines such as Air New Zealand have Air NZ Taxis, a fantastic service https://www.taxi.co.nz/ which allows you to enter your flight details and choose from a variety of companies and types of taxi from vans to corporate through to lower cost services. If your flight is delayed, they are notified and there will be someone at the airport with a sign with your name on it. The prices are prepaid and guaranteed as is the service to get you to your flight.

Uber and lookalikes would not have the opportunity to break into markets if the incumbents were catering to clients needs. This is another industry that is changing and it is only changing because the old school companies are not keeping up with the times. Instead of trying to legislate new technologies out, why not try to find out what your customers want.

It is smart marketing for Uber to work together with other service providers such as transport, accommodation, tourist attractions and the features such as allowing customers to see where the nearest car is are smart. The ability in these types of apps to rate drivers is another  feature that adds confidence. With taxis having been deregulated over the years and more and more incidents of both assault of drivers by passengers and passengers by drivers, it seems that the traditional modes have become arrogant in some cases.

I strongly recommend to the taxi industry that they start understanding the customers and remembering that they are there to meet their needs. A good place to start thinking IMHO is the wonderful book by Jeff Jarvis called What Would Google Do? You could start with the Slideshare, it’s free http://www.slideshare.net/jeffjarvis/wwgd-the-powerpoint

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