Vt. police: GPS leaves trucks stuck on notch road – WCAX

Vt. police: GPS leaves trucks stuck on notch road
“A very common thing we see is that truck drivers are simply following their GPS.

Source: www.wcax.com

There are no truck specific navigation systems and that isn’t likely to be an option in these situations because even if there were, the drivers are just as likely to use the portable system of their choice.

However, if this sort of problem happens frequently, there is capability  in GPS based Fleet Management systems. This technology that uses GPS to identify the location of vehicles, safety performance elements such as harsh braking and acceleration are becoming more popular. These systems are becoming more popular for functionality such as road tolling and information related to Pay As You Drive insurance. They are are also used to maintain elements of safety and efficiency such as brakes and engine heat, temperature of refrigerated trailers.

Some of these systems have the ability to alert drivers to potential obstacles such as bridges that have weight restrictions and tunnels or overpasses with height restrictions. I wonder if the road authorities are working with the Fleet Management system providers rather than the car navigation companies. Fleet Management systems have the ability to block off areas of land such as unsuitable routes, such that drivers would receive a warning if they cross boundaries into those areas.

Of course there will also be situations where there are temporary problems and the bottom line is drivers need to pay attention to road signs. I fully agree with this story that if there are locations where signs are required, place them 50 miles back where there are detours. Once people are committed to a route they are more likely to take risks rather than have to turn back, especially if the signs don’t clearly articulate the risk. Maybe an image of a stuck truck with the associated recovery costs and time would help, it would pay for itself in no time.

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