Ford Green Zone works magic with GPS to make your drive smarter, cleaner – Autoblog (blog)

Ford Green Zone works magic with GPS to make your drive smarter, cleaner
Autoblog (blog)
Ford is working on a smart system, based on Nokia mapping technology, that uses GPS data to use both the electricity and conventional fuel more efficiently.


I started getting excited when I read the headline, but as I got further into the story, I realized this is a concept in development and won’t be available for production for some time.

It is great news however for someone who spent 8 years working for a mapping company where amongst other things we were collecting gradient information aka inclinometer, specifically to assist in identifying Eco-routing opportunities including downhill  areas which would be great to include into a data-set for car navigation, which includes systems such as regenerative braking, keeping in mind that for every downhill, there is an equal and opposite incline. I have wondered which is best in a hybrid, should you use batteries on the uphill and petrol on the downhill?

The data we collected was also used to inform competitors in events such as marathons, so that people training for an event could identify areas they can train in, to find similar locations to those in the competition, which might be particularly useful if the competitor is not in a position to train on the actual course, but wants to be able to come up with a realistic simulation.

So great that Ford are doing this and look forward to seeing it available in production cars. I just wish the price would come down for hybrid cars. Seems a bit like healthy food, the vehicles that are the best for our environment cost the most.

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