Bears to be tracked by GPS in Yosemite for first time –
Bears to be tracked by GPS in Yosemite for first time
The San Francisco based-Yosemite Conservancy donated nearly $70,000 to outfit bears with GPS collars.


I wondered if they had the complete solution with this one. I thought they had already done this, but maybe it was a different park.

So here’s what’s missing, unless they aren’t telling the full story. First I want an app so that I know where the bears are. Having read so many stories about how many convicts on parole manage to go out and commit crimes while they are still wearing their GPS tags, doesn’t fully inspire me with confidence, I want to know when to run. The other part could be to provide an app that tells the park service where the public are too, that way they could offer a variety of services:

1. Tell the public where the bears are.

2. Warn people through their mobiles or through wrist bands when bears are nearby

3. Locate people who are lost or disoriented

I’m sure you could come up with more ideas….

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