Bored cyclist pedals GPS bike pattern around southern England

A fastidious cyclist has navigated a GPS drawn bike route around the New Forest in honour of the famous Nazca Lines in Peru, a series of…


I’ve been trying to get Map My Run to create a feature for many years now that allow me to see where I have been before, with no success. Maybe this person has come up with an idea that could convince them or a competitor that it is worth doing.

Let’s take the concept of this ‘bored’ cyclist a step further. We can generate and share runs, walks or bike rides that have a start and an end, and of course you can overlap. But basically when you stop, it’s saved, you get your cool stats etc and that’s it.

So now that it’s done, what about a competition to create route track works of art. Let’s use apps like Map My Run to come up with a campaign to get people to create art out of the works and then share them with the world. Whether it is just for fun, or whether brands then come along and sponsor work, like the coolest cycled logo or picture of a product, the coolest route representing an area. Challenges like run the shape of a famous work of art.

This would be awesome promotion for Map My Run as a brand and others do all the work, of course they could also have sponsors with prizes or add their own gamificaton. People could vote for their favorites and of course have the fun of completing someone else’s route.

So here’s the win/win and why I give these ideas free for Map My Run. You won’t be able to and shouldn’t be a be able to complete all of these routes in a day. Therefore there should be a feature where you can come back and complete a run, walk or cycle over any period of time, be it weeks, months or something you never fully complete. You could create routes across one or more countries, you could collaborate as a group and create a massive work of art like the Mona Lisa by having dozens of people walk through predefined routes leading out from the Louvre Museum.

As I have blogged and requested of Map My Run for many years now, I want to be able to plan walks (I have a back that won’t tolerate running and I don’t really like to bike) I want to be able to walk somewhere different every day, streets I haven’t been on before. To do that I want to be able to see, either pre-trip or preferable also on my phone, any streets I haven’t been on before.

Pretrip would be awesome because I could then also get in on the art idea. I could go and walk the shape of my Gibson Les Paul, or my Fender Strat and share it online with my music friends and fans. This could be a huge seller, it would sell loads more software and make money for Map My Run as well as the free publicity, sponsorship and marketing opportunities that I’ve just outline and they just got yet another hour of my consultancy expertise for free.

Now I’m going to finish here with another thought. I have been chasing Map My Run with emails for years, they didn’t listen and obviously feel they have enough market share to not innovate significantly in the location and mobile space. That’s fine, so did Borders, the music and video retail industry and loads of other businesses who just thought they could keep increasing the budgets by 10% per annum and still be around 10 years later. Well bless my Kindle, I don’t shop for printed books any more. Even straight retail, I just bought a new Bluetooth speaker embedded headband so I can listen to podcasts and music in bed when I can’t sleep, online, so I don’t have to go to bed with earplugs on. There is more to that story. I’m on 24/7 call and without earplugs my wife gets woken up every time my mobile goes off on the night.

I went to 3 shops in New Zealand this week to replace my Asics GT’s. All are about a 3rd more expensive after discount, than I paid in Nashville 18 months ago. I’m going to buy online.

As I mentioned I went to Map My Run with my idea several years ago, for free, not asking for a cut, a job or anything else, just a customer looking for a feature that I would have helped sell.

I do have some klout with my blogs. I don’t import or sell any technology hardware, I’m an ideas person. I solve problems. I do know a bit about location, social and mobile technology and have trained and presented on these topics around the world. You can learn more on my LinkedIn Profile, or simply Google “What is the best GPS Car Nav Technology in New Zealand.” and see why GPS manufacturers get me to review their devices and solutions. It gets them sales.

So finally, if Map My Run really don’t want to pick up my idea, here it is for anyone else that might be interested, for example all the companies who sell wrist band technology like Pebble, TomTom, Garmin, Apple, Sony, Nike, WearIt, Timex, Polar Loop, Adidas all of which come with their own software and some with interfaces to apps like Map My Run.

Sounds to me like at least 10 reasons for Map My Run to get on board, or someone else to take advantage of their inertia.

I hope to be testing some of these devices soon for upcoming blogs. I have helped sell a huge number of products for brands like TomTom through my blogs. The only thing I have ever received for my reviews is a demonstration unit, which I like to keep so I can continue to compare and track things like map updates and feature enhancements. Beyond that I am totally impartial. My focus on TomTom has been largely because of their great features, especially their leadership in real time traffic.

So what do you think. Would you like to be able to see all the places you have trained or raced on a map, at the same time so that you can plan your next adventure?. Would you like to be able to create works of art on a map, simply by running or walking them with your smartphone and be able to join multiple days, or work as a team and have social events where you could all join up and create a work of art on a map?

Everyone I speak to thinks it’s a great idea, but none have done it. There is customer satisfaction, brand leadership, trend-setting and profit in these ideas and I’ve just given them to you for free.

Any runners, or cyclists out there? What do you reckon? Tourism, sports clubs, sponsors?

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