Innovative Approaches to Encourage Travelers to Help Manage Transportation in Metro Corridors

By Paul Minett, Chair of the Ridesharing Institute
Abstract: Travelers are doing a lousy job at assisting in successful traffic management, often absolving responsibility to others. We need to enco


An excellent article from Paul Minett. Two things I particularly like. One I wrote on extensively in a blog earlier this week is about getting the road user, the driver, to recognise that they are a major part of the problem.

The other is about gamification. This is an untapped area and one that I feel is going to be needed in spades to get people to actively look for change. People love recognition, earning points, badges etc and these do not have to be expensive. Rewards for carpooling or ride sharing are a great example.

I’m a big fan of Kate McGonigal and her book Reality is Broken. I am currently looking for ways that we can turn a shift to ride sharing or onto public transport and gamification is an obvious way to move forward. It could be discounts on food or entertainment, or discounts on public transport, stickers on your car that have date stamps that allow you cheaper parking if you arrive in a car park with multiple passengers.

Do you have any ideas we could pursue?

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