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LexisNexis Study: Fleet Managers Want Telematics to Cut Insurance Costs –

The point of the story is that these technologies are not just hardware and telemetry that goes into vehicles, its how it is used to encourage better and more consistent behavior. Continue reading

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The Best Time To Plan Your Thanksgiving Travel, According To Google Maps Data

One of the most important things is that around 40% of people don’t check travel information before they get into their cars. Why would you not want to know what traffic is like before you go? Continue reading

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Your Mobile Knows What Floor You Are On and Can Tell Others

New devices can pinpoint what floor you’re on, aiding rescue crews but setting off privacy groups’ alarms. Source: There are now about 100 million smartphones that feature barometric sensors. This is very interesting technology and while the primary purpose … Continue reading

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Adobe Personalizes Mobile Location Features To Drive Real-Time Engagement – MediaPost Communications

Who will take responsibility when you crash because you were booking your coffee with a free muffin at the gas station ahead with a simple one-click? Continue reading

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Privacy Protections Unite Carmakers – Sci-Tech Today

Nineteen automakers accounting for most of the passenger cars and trucks sold in the U.S. have signed onto a set of principles they say will protect motorists’ privacy in an increasingly digital era. Source: It’s interesting how information pops … Continue reading

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Shared space: Why the best thing for some streets is a little bit of chaos

So many Americans fail to understand that uncertainty can be a good thing. Source: I would love to see this work, but the skeptic in me wonders if it would work anywhere remotely near where I live. Having said … Continue reading

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New Hacking Threat Could Impact Traffic Systems – NBC Chicago

Motorists drive by traffic lights every day and trust they will work. But NBC 5 Investigates found that as more cities turn to wireless traffic systems, some of those systems are unprotected and open to… Source: It’s a wonder … Continue reading

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NXP, Honda, Siemens and Cohda Wireless launch smart car and ITS corridor in Europe

Published: November 12, 2014| Eindhoven, Netherlands NXP, Siemens, Honda, Cohda Wireless and forward-thinking politicians come together in an unprecedented move to make European traffic smarter, gr… Source: Self driving cars are coming and having specific corridors is a great … Continue reading

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Google Glass and other tech gadgets make check-ins a breeze – News24

Virgin Atlantic aims to use the cool Google Glass gadget to make check-in at airports easier. Source: This sounds more like a gimmick than a practical application to me. We already have smart digital passports and mobile apps from … Continue reading

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Semi driver blames GPS after plowing through public park – KTRK-TV

What if you have driver-less cars, using maps that show cycle paths as roads, or using navigation systems with sub par maps. Continue reading

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