Have we forgotten the primary purpose of cars?

Powerful in-dash infotainment systems have become a big selling point in new cars, but they’re also one of the features most likely to give drivers fits.

Source: www.post-gazette.com

This article makes a very good point. The cars that have the most impressive list of new infotainment systems are typically the most expensive, which kind of makes sense. But the owners of those cars are typically baby boomers with the least technical expertise.

If I think back to the day when I was teaching people how to use their $6,000 OEM car navigation systems, they were typically people who were 60+ and struggled with much more than txt messaging on their mobiles. Now we’re talking not just navigation but WiFi, streaming music, cameras, social media, location based services, proximity warnings and much more!

Bring on the driver-less car because some people won’t have the capability to handle all the features as well as drive their car! We love the IoT Internet of Things but the distractions are becoming a real concern and if we’re not careful it will become illegal to use the cool features coming out in new cars.

The problem for car manufacturers is that they have programmed us to always want new features and cup holders and reversing cameras just aren’t enough any more.

Have we forgotten the primary purpose of the motor vehicle? Isn’t the primary function still to get us safely to our destination?

Is there a lesson here for public transport providers? Maybe they should be making buses and trains as much fun as driving?

So what features will you be looking for in your next car? I’d welcome your feedback.

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1 Response to Have we forgotten the primary purpose of cars?

  1. Karen Gentry says:

    I am an expat and live in Asia. I do like the navigation systems. A real time saver!


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