New York City lowers its speed limit to save lives, and a lot of impatient people freak out

The city copes at 25 miles per hour.


This is an interesting story and I would love an opinion from you New Yorkers who are following my blogs.

From what I saw of a lot of NYC the average traffic was so heavy that it would struggle to do 30MPH, actually that’s probably more Manhattan to be fair.

I would love to see some statistics as to the reason for the fatalities. I wonder how many of the pedestrians that are being killed aren’t paying attention, aren’t crossing at pedestrian crossings, or at least those saying cross now. How many of them are listening to headphones and can’t hear what is going on around them? Will slowing down traffic by 5MPH save lives?

I’m not saying it won’t, just looking for feedback on the science and rationale behind this decision.

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