New Hacking Threat Could Impact Traffic Systems – NBC Chicago

Motorists drive by traffic lights every day and trust they will work. But NBC 5 Investigates found that as more cities turn to wireless traffic systems, some of those systems are unprotected and open to…


It’s a wonder this hasn’t happened before. In a copy of The Futurist some time ago there was an article on SCATS systems (the systems often used to control everything from power utility company networks through to traffic lights in cities around the world.

One of the things they discovered in many sites was that the default passwords that these systems have when they are first installed, something like ‘PASSWORD’ was still the default. That means that anyone who found a random way of getting access to the systems could automatically get in without even having any computer skills.

Do you have any systems where the password is something obvious like Password, Password123 or Admin? Might be a good place to start looking……. At least don’t make it any easier than it needs to be!

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