Adobe Personalizes Mobile Location Features To Drive Real-Time Engagement – MediaPost Communications

Adobe on Tuesday will launch several location marketing services aimed at personalizing the mobile experience for consumers.


The interesting thing to me out of this is that the location based alerts come up on the phone screen even when it is locked, so you can have hands free information. Of course it won’t stay on the screen and there is the risk that you are now distracted driving if you have to log on to view more.

Who will take responsibility when you crash because you were booking your coffee with a free muffin at the gas station ahead with a simple one-click?

How do we make sure that the messages we get are not frequent and are highly relevant. If marketers don’t deliver on those two elements, there will not be huge value. I think the smartphones need to introduce features such as voice control, even while the phone is in locked mode.

The good one for me is things like real time traffic information. Tell me there is a road closure up ahead with a simple message, in fact why should I have to see the message at all? Why not just tell me and then let me use voice commands to open up my GPS car nav application so I can tell it to find me an alternate route, or if there isn’t one, give me the ability to reserve a table and have my latte ready and waiting on my arrival. I’m even happy to pay for it in advance knowing that the security on my mobile payment app is covered by my bank.

Just make sure that whatever you tell me is relevant to my needs. Of course that’s where the privacy issue comes in. How do you find our what I’m interested in and under which circumstances?

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